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[Guest Post] Edge Computing and Open Source in Europe: A New Hope

This is a guest post by Alberto P. Martí, VP of Open Source Community Relations at OpenNebula . For everyone in the European cloud market with a passion for open source, these are exciting times. For years, tech journalists and market analysts have been predicting that edge computing was going to bring a paradigm shift to the cloud, and now we are starting to see the form that this disruption is going to take—at least in Europe. Technically speaking, there is little doubt that deploying applications and processing data at the edge comes with a number of benefits, and not only in terms of reducing latency and improving user experience. We are talking about expanding service availability to better deal with infrastructure incidents, reducing data transfers and the energy consumption and security risks associated with them, as well as minimizing vendor dependency by expanding the number of available providers. It comes as no surprise that the European Union has identified edge computing a

Member Case Study: Aloxy Leverages Eclipse Foundation Membership to Build its Petro-Chemical Business

At the Eclipse Foundation, we’ve seen companies from all around the world, from different industries, find value in open source software. Aloxy, the subject of our latest member case study , has discovered that adopting open source components helped them focus on the unique aspects of their products, and increase their time to market. “Our customers like the idea that we’re not reinventing all of the technologies ourselves, and that we’re using and participating in open source projects that are governed by a well-known, independent foundation,” said Glenn Ergeerts, Aloxy’s co-founder and chief technology officer. Aloxy is an Industrial IoT firm based in Antwerp (Belgium) that primarily works with clients in the petrochemical industry. The company creates infrastructure sensors that monitor the positions of critical valves and send the data back to the Aloxy IIoT Hub for processing and analysis. To build their solutions, Aloxy has adopted two Eclipse IoT projects, Eclipse Hono and Ecli