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Eclipse IoT: The Next Ten Years

If you attended EclipseCon 2021 , you probably heard about the 10th anniversary of the Eclipse IoT Working Group . Throughout the end of 2021 and into 2022, we will celebrate this significant milestone together.  Our first step to commemorate the occasion has been to organize a panel regrouping five early contributors to the working group : Benjamin Cabé, Marco Carrer, Andy Piper, Ian Skerrett, and Andy Stanford-Clark. During the conversation, they reminisced about the early days and shared their vision of the future. I acted as the panel's moderator, and I must say I have been impressed by the insights shared by our pioneers.  I want to share what I think the next ten years will have in store for the Eclipse IoT working group in this blog post. 1. Edge Computing Will Be an Integral Part of IoT Optimizing power consumption, reducing latency, keeping bandwidth usage under control... There are many reasons to leverage edge computing in IoT deployments. As 5G coverage grows and EdgeO