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Two Easy Things You Can Do to Support the Open Source IoT and Edge Community

Most of what we do at the Eclipse Foundation happens in public. Our mailing lists and code repositories are open to all. Anyone can freely download, modify, and redistribute our code and slide decks with little to no strings attached. This kind of openness is the mark of truly successful ecosystems. However, one persistent problem for our open source committers and contributors is the lack of information about who uses the code they write and for what purpose. This lack of information is a significant disadvantage from a product and project management perspective. It is easier to prioritize new features or bug fixes when you know who uses your code and for what purpose. Moreover, our committers and contributors are keen to engage with their user community to discuss their roadmap and solicit feedback. While this is a persistent and hard-to-solve problem, there are two easy things you can do to help. Both will require only a few minutes of your time. The first is to show your support fo